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Ditch the Clipboard & Up Your Game with Mobile Inmate Tracking

Posted by: Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. March 22, 2021

It’s Time to Ditch the Clipboard

When it comes to corrections, you know documentation is critical. But did you know that an estimated 80% of correctional facilities in the United States still use handwritten event logs? Let’s face it. Paper, pencil, and clipboards aren’t cutting it. Handwritten logs aren’t as accurate as digital logs, and they leave room for human error. Nobody wants to have to deal with:

  • The wrong inmate being moved or released.
  • Having to answer for discrepancies in reporting.
  • Taking disciplinary action towards your team.

Not All Mobile Inmate Tracking Systems are Created Equal

Mobile inmate tracking gives you the flexibility to retrieve critical information, track inmate movements, and log more accurate information in real-time with mobile devices. But not all mobile inmate tracking systems are created equal. You need a vendor with proven I.T. experience who has run I.T. infrastructure for large and small jails. Beacon Software Solutions has you covered. Don’t spend a bunch of money on a system and then have to deal with dead spots, spotty wi-fi, or mobile tracking going offline. Why put the integrity and security of your information at risk by using a mobile inmate tracking add-on when you can have a jail management system that controls, updates, and validates everything through a single-source? So, ditch the clipboard and Schedule a Demo to find out how a Jail Management System with Mobile Inmate Tracking can help you collect more accurate documentation, reduce human error, and minimize disciplinary action.

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