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If It’s Not Documented, It Didn’t Happen

Posted by: Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. March 23, 2021

The Data You Need to Capture is Changing

Gone are the days of word documents and spread sheets. These days, data comes in all shapes and sizes: Video, images, audio and more. Accurately recording your information is a critical task for agencies of any kind. But you’re likely drowning in data, and if you don’t have a user-friendly way to record, organize, and access it, you’re going to have a disorganized agency that doesn’t stand up to the inevitable scrutiny that comes your way. You need a records management system that’s simple, accurate, and enhances your agency’s productivity.

Information that Moves Decision Makers

The Beacon Software Solutions Records Management System (RMS) provides a variety of tools to help maintain records in an easy-to-use way. Beacon RMS includes modules to archive data such as:

-Citation Book Tracking -Case Management -Trespass Warnings -Evidence -Incidents -Arrests -And Much More

Beacon RMS Uses the latest Microsoft technology to create a user-friendly interface that provides information to the user with just a few clicks. With a user-friendly RMS, you won’t just be able to quickly and accurately organize your data, you’ll be able to transform that data into information and make a compelling case to decision-makers about what you’re learning and how things need to change.

Don’t blow it because your agency failed to record things properly. Let the Beacon RMS do the heavy lifting so you’ve got a Records Management System that’s simple and transforms your data into information that sets your agency up for success.

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