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Resolve Incidents Safely & Quickly with Computer Aided Dispatch

Posted by: Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. March 21, 2021

Breakdowns in communication aren’t just frustrating. They can be deadly

First responders of any kind know that when things go South, you need to be able to communicate clearly and resolve matters quickly. Because breakdowns in communication aren’t just frustrating. They can be deadly. Whether you’re in law enforcement, fighting fires, or saving lives as an EMS, nothing makes you feel as helpless as knowing something’s wrong and not being able to respond. At Beacon Software Solutions, we recognize there’s no room for error in your line of work.

Resolve Matters Quickly with Computer Aided Dispatch

That’s why Beacon’s Computer Aided Dispatch offers real-time updates, allows users to view multiple calls through tabbed browsing, and enables dispatchers or supervisors to easily assign units to calls, make units unavailable, and put units out of service with only a few clicks. CAD also features a variety of alerts to keep dispatchers aware through any number of situations.

What CAD Can Do for You

  • Manage law enforcement, fire, and EMS units.
  • Multiple screen support
  • Agency defined on-screen protocols for events
  • GPS mapping
  • Address and location alerts
  • Emergency traffic and officer distress alerts
  • Active and archive event search
  • Location event history
  • Response time analysis

Ensure the safety of your team and the success of your agency with Beacon’s Computer Aided Dispatch.

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