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The Right Tools for Running an Efficient, Effective Jail

Posted by: Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. March 20, 2021

Running a Jail is Constant Balancing Act

Jail management is no joke. You’re constantly navigating tight budgets, monitoring your team for human error, and keeping a lid on the thousand details that make a jail run; not to mention trying to stay safe and not end up in the news for releasing the wrong inmate.

State of the Art Jail Management System for Jails of Any Size

We understand you’ve got more important things to do than think about software. That’s why Beacon Software Solutions has created a state-of-the art jail management system that works for jails of all sizes. In our leadership’s 50 years of software development, policy/procedure analysis, and working with law enforcement agencies of all sizes, we’ve seen how smaller agencies are often excluded from the tools larger agencies enjoy. But if you’ve got a team of people who are putting their lives on the line, they deserve the right tools to do the job.

Software that Functions in Sync with the Operation of Your Facility

Beacon’s jail management system is budget-friendly and fully customizable. It’s a comprehensive software solution for inmate, corrections, full facility and staff management. More importantly, Beacon’s jail management system is backed by fast and reliable support. So, you won’t have to worry about the system being down. Schedule a Demo and find out how the Beacon Software Solutions Jail Management System can help you:

  • Increase accountability of staff through well-designed software
  • Provide dependable support to solve issues any time
  • Seamlessly onboard your team with easy to learn software
  • Increase productivity by complementing and enhancing your jail’s operational processes

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