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State of the Art Jail Management System for Jails of Any Size

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Budget Friendly & Fully Customizable

Inmate, Corrections, Full Facility & Staff Management

Never Release the Wrong Inmate

With over 50 years in the jail management software business , we understand jail operations and the expertise needed to successfully run them. We offer inmate management, correctional management as well as full facility staff management systems to save you money and help your teams manage their time well.

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Fingerprint Identification

Multiple Booking Types

Arrest, Charge, & Bond Information

Unlimited Mug Shots

Scars, Marks & Tattoos

Classifications & Re-class

Property & Items Issued

Commissary & Full Accounting

Work Release & Work Details

Visitation & Banned Visitors

Medications & Medication Delivery

Multiple Dashboards

Phone & Tablet Compatibility

Inmate Watch Lists

Canteen, Livescan, Telephone Interface

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