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An Easy to Use Records Management System That Works for Any Agency

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Manage Incident & Arrest Reports

Limit Access & Chain of Custody with Evidence Module

Track Personnel & Equipment Records

Records Management is an important function of any agency, and Beacon RMS provides a variety of tools to help maintain records in an easy to use way. Beacon RMS includes various modules to archive data such as Citation Book Tracking, Case Management, Trespass warnings, Evidence, Incidents, Arrests and much more. RMS Uses the latest Microsoft technology to create a user friendly interface that provides information to the user with just a few clicks.

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Incident & Arrest Reporting

Citation Book Logs

Citation & DUI Citation Entry

Field Initiated Investigations

Trespass Warning Management

Secure Evidence Tracking

Warrants & Service Attempts

Case Management Review, Reject, & Approval Abilities

UCR Reporting & Data Analysis

Seal & Expungement Abilities

Master Name Index Search

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