About Beacon Software Solutions, Inc.

Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. was created as a result of clear recognition by our developers that law enforcement agencies are in significant need of innovative, effective, and affordable law enforcement software tools that are specifically designed to work for any size agency. Until now, law enforcement software has primarily existed for larger agencies, but with a very expensive price tag -- one that has been historically cost-prohibitive for smaller agencies.

Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. is steadfastly dedicated to bringing state-of-the-art, innovative enterprise software applications and consulting services to all sizes of law enforcement agencies, including smaller agencies which have been historically excluded from availability of efficient, community-focused software-based tools.

The developers, managers, and software analysts of Beacon Software Solutions, Inc. bring over 50 years of experience in software development, policy/procedure analysis, and first-hand high-ranked knowledge of the operations of law enforcement agencies.  We look forward to serving your consulting and law enforcement software product needs!


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