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Our Mobile CAD gives First Responders in the field real-time data based off of the information received at dispatching. Mobile CAD allows units to respond to, backup, and review and write narratives on all active calls. Mobile CAD also allows supervisors the ability to see all cleared calls ranging from 1 day to 1 week prior or longer depending on the size of the agency. Mobile CAD features a variety of other tools as well such as upcoming court dates displayed at the bottom of the screen, an active phonebook directory, and mileage recording, and Unit to Unit messaging.

Mobile CAD also features an officer in distress alert which displays for all officers and dispatchers on duty at that time stating which unit is in distress. Mobile CAD is not restricted to Law Enforcement use however; it features settings and unique functions for Fire units and EMS. Mobile CAD was designed with the user in mind based off of the input of real EMS, Fire, and Law Enforcement personnel and uses the latest Microsoft technology to give its users an easy to use interface with a direct communication with the 911 dispatch center.

Please feel free to view our Mobile CAD product flyer for more information on our Mobile CAD system.


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